TNR - Where to start?

Attend one of the many workshops available throughout the city. View a calendar of TNR workshops on the Alley Cat Allies webpage:


TNR - Where to take feral cats for fixing?

We are lucky in Chicago - there are many resources available for feral cat caretakers! We utilize the Lurie Clinic (PAWS Chicago) and Tree House Humane Society - both have comparable packages - around $26/cat.

Check out the TNR Chicago website for a comprehensive list of clinics in the Chicagoland area.


TNR - Protect your ferals!

Protect your ferals & manage your colony!                                            
  • First, register your colony. Download a colony caretaker registration form here - (pdf format)
  • Second, fill out a TNR tracker log. Download a feral tracker log here - (Excel spreadsheet format)
  •    TNR - You're saving lives!

    • Removing the cats is not effective and new cats will move in to take advantage of the available resources.
    • TNR is the only effective and humane way to manage feral cat populations.

    Socializing feral cats and/or kittens


    Socializing a feral cat is a very time-consuming task, possible, but depending on the length of time the cat has been feral it is very difficult. If a kitten can be taken by a human before 12 weeks of age it is a much easier task. Here is a manual produced by Best Friends Animal Society - it explains socializing, step by step: Cat Socialization Manual - (pdf format)